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Homemade Trailers

A homemade trailer is a trailer that was built by someone other than a licensed manufacturer.

If the homemade trailer will carry 5,000 pounds or less, than we will help you apply for a title, a VIN plate and 30-day tags that will allow you to get your homemade trailer safety inspected.

If the homemade trailer will carry 5,001 pounds or more, you must transport the homemade trailer with all supporting documentation [below]; in person to the Glen Burnie Safety Enforcement Division on Tuesdays between 8:30am and 1:00pm, to have the vehicle inspected and the identification number assigned/affixed by the Maryland State Police Auto Theft Unit.


  1. Proof of Ownership
    • Sales Receipts [i.e. Tractor Supply for nuts & bolts or Home Depot for lumber]
  1. Bill of Sale
    • If the trailer is from a state where a title was not issued due to weight or age
  1. Photographs of the Trailer
    • Side view including the whole tongue
    • Rear view to show the lights
  1. Certified Statement Signed by Owner
    • Declare the Trailer’s Maximum GVW
    • List Parts Used to Build Trailer for the Parts w/No Receipts
    • Include approximate total cost of the parts [used to calculate excise tax]
  1. Documents [Properly Completed]
    • MVA Form VR-005 Application for Certificate of Title
    • MVA Form VR-198 Application to Assign a VIN
    • MVA Form VR-129 Temporary Inspection Waiver
  1. Fees to the MVA
    • Maryland Excise Tax [6% Cost to Build Trailer]
    • New Certificate of Title Fee
    • Temporary Tag Fee [Not Maryland Safety Inspected] OR,
    • 2-Year Registration Fee [If Maryland Safety Inspected]

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