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Are you a Dealer?

Beginning October 1, 2017 all car, truck, motorcycle and trailer dealer licenses approved or renewed must have a contract with a business that provides electronic registration and titling services [ERT] to the dealership [MVA Bulletin D-03-17-03].

We want you to choose us as your ERT Partner. Here’s why. The team at Diversified Tag & Title Services is focused on assisting all of its dealers with the frustrating and always changing rules and regulations of the MVA. Our quick turn-around and direct access to us for questions and/or concerns are just a few of the benefits our in-state and out-of-state dealer’s experience here at Diversified Tag & Title Services.

A few additional examples how our dealers and their customers benefit from our services:

  1. We process our dealers Maryland and Pennsylvania tag & title work on-site,
  2. Dealers mail their transactions to us, drop them off OR do them at the counter,
  3. Mailed-in and dropped-off transactions are performed within 48-hours

Our dealers are notified when:

  1. The transaction has been completed,
  2. There is a problem. We do not just reject it and send it back,
  3. The tags were picked up OR mailed to their customers,
  4. The Lien Holder information has been properly placed on title
  5. Dealers have direct access to our team, Try that at the MVA!
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Let’s make sure every transaction is done right the first time. Please click on the dealer checklist below.