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Are you a Dealer?

The team here at Diversified Tag & Title Services is focused on helping our in-state and out-of-state dealers with all of the always changing, frustrating, confusing rules and regulations of the Maryland MVA. More importantly, a problem free quick turn-around for the dealer transactions is top priority at Diversified Tag & Title Services.

A few examples of services we provide our dealers use Diversified Tag & Title Services

  1. Dealers may process both their Maryland and Pennsylvania tag & title transactions on-site
  2. Dealers have direct access to the title clerks for questions and/or concerns
  3. Dealers may mail their transactions or drop them off.
  4. If there are any problems, the dealer is emailed immediately to resolve the issue
  5. Dealers are emailed when the transactions are completed
  6. Tags may be mailed directly to your customer, picked up or sent back to the dealer
  7. Standard turn-around is 2-3 days out the door OR
  8. Rush turn-around time is w/in 48-hours out the door
  9. Always available for pick-up when complete
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Together, we can make sure that each-and-every transaction is performed quickly and correctly.  Please click on the “Dealer Checklist” below and attach it to each application to reduce any delays.

Let’s make sure every transaction is done right the first time.
Please click on the dealer checklist below.