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Commonly Asked Questions

Questions we typically receive from customers

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  • What is a title?

    A title is an ownership documents issued by the Maryland MVA for all motor vehicles and/or trailers [i.e., cars, trucks, motorcycles, trailers, autocycles, scooters, mopeds, snow mobiles, dirt bikes, ATV’s, UTV’s, motorhomes and manufactured homes].

  • What is a Lien Release?

    A lien release is proof from the lien holder that all loans for your motor vehicle and/or trailer has been paid off and can be re-titled in a new owner’s name.  To show the loan has been paid off, the MVA will accept the following documents:

    1. MVA Security Interest Filing
    2. Original letter from the loan company
    3. Some non-Maryland titles have the lien release on the title [not a separate document].
  • What vehicles must be titled in Maryland?

    All motor vehicles [i.e., cars, trucks, motorcycles, trailers, autocycles, scooters, mopeds, snow mobiles, dirt bikes, ATV’s, UTV’s, motorhomes and manufactured homes] must be titled in Maryland.

  • What should I do if the vehicle I am buying does not have a title?

    If the seller of the vehicle is the registered owner, they can get a duplicate title from the MVA. If the seller of the vehicle is not the registered owner and they cannot produce a title, do not buy the vehicle.

  • Can you issue temporary tags at your location?

    Yes.  We can issue you your permanent metal license plates with a 30-day registration and stickers for your motor vehicle and/or trailer so that you may get them Maryland Safety Inspected and enough time to have repairs performed if needed.  IMPORTANT:  The MVA issues on set of temp tags only; no extensions and no exceptions.

  • When do I need a Bill of Sale?

    The MVA requires a notarized bill of sale when:

    1. The motor vehicle and/or trailer is 6-years new and newer.
    2. The motor vehicle and/or trailer was purchased at a dealership or auction
    3. If a notarized bill of sale is unavailable, the MVA will use the NADA clean retail value.
  • How often do I have to have my vehicle safety inspected in Maryland?

    Maryland requires that eligible vehicles be safety inspected one time for each owner.

  • When is a Maryland Safety Inspection required?

    All motor vehicles and/or trailers must be Maryland safety inspected each time the motor vehicle and/or trailer transfers ownership. Motor vehicles exempt from Maryland Safety Inspection are Title Only Transactions, Historic, Street Road, Farm Area Tags and Gift Transactions between parent child and husband & wife.


    The Maryland MVA requires that eligible motor vehicle and trailers be safety inspected one time for each owner.  Even if you leave Maryland and come back, as long as the ownership did not change, the vehicle does not need to be safety inspected again.


    Please use the direct link below that will help you find an authorized safety inspection station convenient to you.  Additionally, you can confirm that it has passed and was placed into the Maryland State Police Safety Enforcement Division system correctly.


    Find an Authorized Maryland Safety Inspection Convenient to You

    1. Station Name
    2. Zip Code
    3. Vehicle Class

    Find an E-Inspection

    1. Verify Maryland Safety Inspection Results
    2. Save Time Before Renewing Registration
  • How often do I have to have my vehicle emissions tested in Maryland?

    Maryland requires that eligible vehicles be emissions tested every two years.

  • My truck passed inspection and the shop owner told me the results are online at the MVA.

    The results of the Maryland State Safety Inspection are now being placed online with the MVA for participating inspection stations. If the station does not participate with the online program, they will provide you with a green and a gold inspection certificate.

  • My renewal notice was not mailed to me or I lost it. Can you renew my tags without it?

    Yes. We can renew your tags without the MVA’s Renewal Notice on-the-spot.

  • I am new to Maryland. How long do I have to register my vehicles?

    You have 60-days of moving to Maryland to register your motor vehicles and/or trailers.  If you delay, you may not forfeit titling tax credit you paid in another state.  You may also be subject to a citation and fine.

  • How much is this going to cost me?

    The MVA fees are collected at the time of the transaction along with a small fee for our service. Our fee depends on the service we provide.

  • Do I need to return my tags before cancelling my insurance?

    Yes. When the MVA believes that your tags are out there uninsured, they impose a $150 penalty for the first 30-days and $7 per day until the insurance compliance problem is fixed.

  • There was more to fix on my car than I thought. Can I extend my temporary tags?

    No. The MVA will not extend or re-issue temporary tags; no exceptions.

  • What are the insurance requirements in Maryland?

    All motor vehicles registered in Maryland must be insured with an insurance company licensed in Maryland and carry coverage of $30,000 for bodily injury per person, $60,000 for bodily injury for two or more people and $15,000 for property damage.

  • What is the difference between Street Rod tags and Historic tags?

    A historic vehicle is 20-years old and older and stock. A street rod vehicle is 25-years old and older and substantially modified. These vehicles may not be your daily driver or used to and from work and school.

  • Can I return tags at your store? I do not want to go to the MVA just to return tags.

    Yes.  You may return Maryland tags here at our location here at 430 E. Patrick Street in Frederick, MD.

    1. Bring the license plates to be returned
    2. Provide identification of the person that returns the tags.
    3. Registration [Helpful; Not Necessary]
    4. We collect $10.00 per set.
    5. 10% of tag return fee is donated to the Frederick Hospice House.
    6. An MVA approved receipt will be provided to cancel insurance immediately.
    7. DO NOT cancel insurance w/out an MVA approved receipt to prevent the initial $150 penalty and the additional $7-per day until the issue is resolved.
  • Can you help us title, tag and register a homemade trailer?

    Yes. We have titled, tagged and registered many homemade trailers.

  • My license plate must have fallen off at the car wash. Can you get me a replacement?

    Yes. We can issue substitute tags, stickers and registration cards on-the-spot.

  • What is a “Restricted” Power of Attorney and why do I have to sign one?

    This form is provided by the MVA to allow Diversified Tag & Title Services to act on your behalf if your transaction must be performed at a full service MVA location.

  • Does it take long to transfer my title and get tags at your store?

    We try very hard to provide each-and-every customer with excellent personal customer care, and we try even harder to get you in-and-out in under ten minutes if possible.