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New to Maryland?

IMPORTANT TAX CREDIT INFORMATION: As a new resident in Maryland, in order to comply the law and to take advantage of a lower excise tax, you must title and register your vehicle[s] within 60-days of declaring residency in Maryland. Because each state and each lien holder handle their titles differently, do not delay titling and registering your vehicles beyond 60-days or you will not be eligible for a tax credit for any titling tax paid in another state. That means paying the same excise tax twice; once in the state you purchased the motor vehicle/trailer and again in Maryland. Additionally, you may also be subject to a citation for an out-of-state registration.

DOCUMENTS FOR TITLING AND REGISTERING YOUR VEHICLE IN MD: The MVA requires most if not all of the documents we have listed below.  Additionally, the MVA requires that the documents be original and/or properly notarized [if applicable].

  • Certificate of Title,
  • Lease Agreement [if applicable],
  • Complete Lien Information & VIN Number [if applicable],
  • Lien Release [if applicable],
  • Maryland License/Soundex Number,
  • Completed Application for Certificate of Title,
  • Temporary Inspection Waiver [if applicable]
  • MD Safety Inspection Certificate,
  • Maryland Insurance Information,
  • Proof of Vehicle’s Value,
  • Power of Attorney.

FEES COLLECTED FOR THE MVA:  Diversified Title & Tag Service does not receive any portion of these fees what-so-ever!

  • Maryland Excise Tax,
  • Title Fee,
  • Lien Fee [if applicable]
  • Registration Fees

CUSTOMER WALKS WITH:  After all documents have been processed and the MVA approves the transaction

  • Tags,
  • Registration Card
  • Registration Stickers
  • Title is mailed to the address of record from the Glen Burnie MVA

How Maryland Excise Tax is Calculated


  • Vehicle[s] titled in a state w/tax rate equal to or higher than Maryland [6%]: MD Excise Tax is $100.
  • Vehicle[s] titled in a state that imposes no tax: MD Excise Tax is 6% of the value of the vehicle.
  • Vehicle[s] titled in a state w/tax rate lower than Maryland [6%]: MD Excise Tax is the difference between the two states [Minimum $100.00].


  • The minimum excise tax for cars & trucks purchased for $640 and less is $38.40,
  • The minimum excise tax for motorcycles & trailers purchased for $320 and less is $19.20,
  • All vehicles with the purchase price above the minimum; the purchase price will be multiplied by 6%,
  • The MVA may require you to submit additional documentation to substantiate the purchase price.


  • This documentation is needed to determine the amount of excise tax credit you may receive.
  • Lease agreement,
  • Proof of monthly lease payments,
  • Proof of any excise taxes paid or are paying to another state through lease payment