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Duplicate Title

You may request a duplicate certificate of title if your original title has been lost, destroyed, altered, or mutilated. You may also request a duplicate title if the lien on the vehicle has been paid-off, or if the title has been assigned to the wrong owner(s).

Finally, if you are returning to Maryland from another state, you may be issued a duplicate title if your vehicle had been previously titled in Maryland in the same name(s) as the out of state title.
What Should I Do If My Title Contains Incorrect Information?

If your title contains incorrect information, you must request that your title be “Corrected.’  The Real ID Act requires that all personal identifying information [PII] be corrected on your driver license, ID card or permit first through the driver license system (DLS) prior to document changes.  Once the DLS system is updated, a corrected title may be applied for. The MVA form VR-448 will need to be completed.

How Do I Request a Duplicate Certificate of Title?

Except through an authorized tag & title service or dealership, the MVA will mail the duplicate title to the address of record and it will take from 1-3 weeks.

  1. At an authorized tag and title service licensed by the MVA,
  2. In person at any of the MVA’s full service branch offices,
  3. At a KIOSK located in all full service and Express Service MVA’s,
  4. Through the mail at the Glen Burnie Headquarters branch,
  5. Online through the MVA’s website.

May Someone Other Than the Vehicle Owner Obtain a Duplicate Certificate of Title?

Under certain circumstances, an authorized representative of a vehicle owner may obtain a duplicate title. The representative may need one or more of the following documents:

  1. State Issued license or ID,
  2. Death Certificate,
  3. Letters of Administration: Authorizes representative to act on behalf of the deceased owner,
  4. Trustee Appointment Order: Issued by the court authorizing a trustee to act on behalf of a trust,
  5. Power of Attorney: Authorizes representative of the owner(s) to apply for a duplicate title with photo identification. However, the duplicate title will be mailed to the vehicle owner.

What Should I Do If I Never Received My Original/Duplicate Title?

  1. If your original/duplicate title and it was processed and returned to the MVA [within 90-days], you may submit a completed Certification of Non-Receipt of Original/Duplicate Title Certificate form (VR-091) by mail to the MVA and a title will be issued at no charge.
  2. If your title was not returned to the Administration and your request for a title was made within the last 90 days, you may submit the Certification of Non-Receipt of Original/Duplicate Title Certificate for review by supervision.  A charge may apply.
  3. Requests made after 90 days will require you to apply for a duplicate title and pay the $20.00 fee.

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