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Removal of Administrative Flag Fee

A few flags can cause more serious consequences including but not limited to the immediate retrieval by law enforcement agencies.

Common Reasons a Flag is Placed on a Vehicle Record

  1. Insurance Compliance Violation;
  2. Returned Check;
  3. Red Light Camera Violation;
  4. Parking Violation;
  5. Vehicle Emissions Inspection Program (VEIP)Violation;
  6. Safety Equipment Repair Order (SERO) Violation
  7. Law Enforcement Agency Referral;
  8. Abandoned Vehicle Violation;
  9. Title Violation;
  10. Salvage Vehicle Violation;
  11. Public Service Commission Violation.
  12. Toll facilities Violation
  13. Comptroller Violation
    1. Individuals [855] 213-6669 and
    2. Businesses [410] 649-0633.
    3. Both may e-mail at mvahold@comp.state.md.us.
  14. Department of Labor, Licensing and Regulation (DLLR) violation
    1. DLLR [410] 767-2699 or
    2. e-mail DLLR at licnrelease@dllr.state.md.us.
  15. Speed Camera Violation.
  16. Administrative Flag Fee

Flags below are required to pay an Additional Administrative Fee to the MVA

  1. Parking Violation
  2. Toll Violation
  3. Red-Light Violation
  4. Speed Camera Violation
  5. Administrative flag fee may be paid before or after the flag fee is reolved

Agencies That May Place a Flag on a Vehicle Record

  1. State and Local Jurisdictions,
  2. Law Enforcement Agencies,
  3. Operational Units w/In the MVA,
  4. Certain Other Authorized Entities
  5. Only the entity that requested the flag placement is authorized to request its deletion;
  6. The deletion of the flag may take several weeks.

How can I have the flag removed?

  1. Contact Authorized Flagging Agency
  2. Certain jurisdictions allow payment over the telephone
  3. Certain jurisdictions allow payment on their website
  4. Keep all flag release documents in a safe place.

The Administrative Flag Fee May Be Paid

  1. At an authorized licensed tag & title service
  2. At the MVA’ s e-store
  3. By mail or in-person at any MVA branch office; or
  4. By telephone at 1-410-768-7000
  5. At a kiosk

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